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Camp NaNoWriMo

I figured that since Camp NaNoWriMo starts this weekend I would show you guys the series that I’m going to be doing some work on. I’m hoping to at least finish the first book and if I get that done, I will be moving on to the changes needed for the second book. I don’t… Continue reading Camp NaNoWriMo

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Chapter 5: A Strange Meeting

Ivy wakes in a strange room and turns her head to see a small girl silently staring at her. She tries to sit up but her wrists and ankles are restrained. She looks back to the girl and takes in her appearance. She is wearing a knee length black skirt with a black crop top… Continue reading Chapter 5: A Strange Meeting

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Short Story #3

This is a short story kind of showing the characters that I usually write about. Let me know what you think and if you want to maybe hear the story from the perspective of the suspect. I was assigned to a kind of crazy case. I’ve been chasing new leads for months. Phone calls keep… Continue reading Short Story #3

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Chapter 4: Elisabeth

Paramedics rush Ivy out of the room and the students slowly start to come out from under their desks. Mr. Cross is still standing at the front of the room, this time with a real smile on his face. “Nobody is hurt, right?” He asks looking around at all of the students. They shake their… Continue reading Chapter 4: Elisabeth

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Chapter 3: The Test

The next morning Ivy wakes up at 7:30 to prepare herself for class. She leaves early so that she can try to find her way through the campus. It turns out that there is another sidewalk through the back of the dorm building that leads to a different part of campus. She looks down at… Continue reading Chapter 3: The Test

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Short Story #2

I don’t usually write anything paranormal but I gave it a try for this one. Let me know what you think. I walk home from school as usual and I show up at about the same time as my brother. We walk into the house at the time. “Hey mom!” We both greet. My mom… Continue reading Short Story #2

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The Sorority

I am a part of a small Christian sorority and we have a lot of fun together and sometimes we have some drama but it’s mostly good. At the beginning of this semester we had recruitment and it was stressful because we only had three people show up during the whole week and we had… Continue reading The Sorority