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November Song

I haven’t done this for my other songs but I’m going to start doing it from now on so that everyone knows when it’s coming out. I have an acoustic song for November called ‘Thank You’. It’s a note to all of the bullies I’ve had over the years that have made me the way… Continue reading November Song

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Carter Raines Short Story: Dark and Stormy Night 

This was written on my phone and it’s not very good but it gives a pretty good look at what she was doing before she started working. This was a prompt suggested by someone on the NaNoWriMo Amino group. There’s a storm rolling in tonight, I can feel it. The wind that will make the… Continue reading Carter Raines Short Story: Dark and Stormy Night 

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Character Profile: Carter Raines

This is how I imagine my MC. She’s a specialized PI hired to investigate the strange string of deaths in a small town that I have not yet named. Her specialty is paranormal/supernatural anomalies. For the rest of the week I’ll be writing short stories to kind of fill in her story and give a… Continue reading Character Profile: Carter Raines

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Spotify Playlists 

Hey guys, I shared a few days ago about listening to new music or music that I haven’t listened to in a while to get inspired, and I thought I might share a few of my playlists with you. Check them out if you want. Sorry if I put any of them out of place,… Continue reading Spotify Playlists 

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New Song “Still Waters”

Hey guys, I realized that I didn’t share this on here and that most of you don’t follow my regular social media, but I put out a new song at the beginning of the month called “Still Waters”. It’s out on YouTube and SoundCloud so give it a listen if you want. YouTube: SoundCloud:

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Inspiration: My Tricks to Get Inspired and Stay Inspired (NaNoWriMo novel announcement at the end)

Some of you may or may not know that NaNoWriMo is coming up and that October is all about prepping for writing a novel or 50,000 words in 30 days. This year will be my third year participating and I’m really excited because I’m writing in a genre that I haven’t really done before. I’ll… Continue reading Inspiration: My Tricks to Get Inspired and Stay Inspired (NaNoWriMo novel announcement at the end)