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Chapter 5: A Strange Meeting

Ivy wakes in a strange room and turns her head to see a small girl silently staring at her. She tries to sit up but her wrists and ankles are restrained. She looks back to the girl and takes in her appearance. She is wearing a knee length black skirt with a black crop top and knee high black boots.

“Where am I?” She questions.

“You are in the hospital. You got a high voltage shock.” The girl answers in an annoying British accent.

“It’s not my fault. They should fire that damn teacher that said the stuff to set me off.” She says. The girl starts laughing causing Ivy to snap her head in the girl’s direction. “You think that’s funny? I could have killed everyone in that classroom, as if it’s not already bad enough that I killed my other friends.” Ivy starts to feel upset at the memories that flood into her mind.

“He wouldn’t have let that happen. It was a test, didn’t they warn you about that?” The girl asks. Ivy nods and then looks up at the girl in shock.

“Wait, how do you know about that?” She asks. The girl laughs again.

“I went through the same test. That’s why I’m here.” She answers. Ivy looks at the girl again and realizes that she is also restrained.

“But what you’re going through can’t possibly be as bad as what is happening to me.” She says looking down at the gurney.

“It’ll be okay,” the girl starts causing Ivy to look up at her again, “you have people around you now that can help you. Believe me, what you’re going through is child’s play compared to others at the school.” She finishes, but her voice changes midway through her sentence causing Ivy’s eyes to widen a bit as she stares at the girl. The girl’s voice had changed from the girly British accent to a deep masculine voice.

“What was that?” She asks. The girl stares off for a moment before nodding and looking back at Ivy.

“You’ll just have to bear with us for a bit because she lost her voice.” The voice says. Ivy nods slowly. “I’m sorry for the sudden shock. We don’t really have any control over it right now because of these restraints.” He says. Ivy looks closer at the restraints and see that they are made of some sort of metal as opposed to her leather ones.

“What are they made of?” She questions. The girl looks down and the restraints for a moment.

“Iron.” The voice answers. “They are made to keep us here for a long time. Luckily they didn’t inject us with any because we would definitely be dead by now.” He says.

“You’re allergic to it?” She questions. The girl nods.

“Yep. It really burns but it’s not the worst pain we have ever felt.” The voice comments while the girl shifts her wrists around. “It would be nice to get out of here though. I have a meeting to attend.” He finishes. Ivy looks down at her own restraints and pulls against them to see how loose they are. After assessing that she folds her hand so that her pinky touches her thumb and pulls until the restraint slip over her wrist. She easily undoes her other restraints and slowly stands careful to not get light headed.

“Alright, what do I need to do?” She asks looking back at the girl.

“There’s a red button over on that wall. Press it and the restraints will open.” The voice tells her. She walks over and pushes the red button. There’s a hiss and then a clanking sound as the pieces of metal fall to the floor. “Ah. That’s much better.” The male voice says again. Ivy turns around to see a man standing in the place of the young girl and her mouth drops open. “You shouldn’t be so shocked. I mean what else was supposed to happen?” He asks as he stretches and pops his back.

“Uh…I don’t know but I wasn’t expecting this. What happened to the girl?” Ivy questions. He looks at her like she’s crazy.

“She’s still here. Just up here,” he points to his head, “instead of out here. She needs to recover.” He answers. Ivy just nods not completely understanding what he’s saying.

“Okay. Well, I should probably get back to the school.” She tells him. He smiles and nods.

“Yes. I should go too. I’m late for my meeting.” He says as he walks up to the window. He easily opens it and climbs up on the sill.

“Wait, who are you?” She asks. He turns back with a smile on his face.

“My name is Sebastien. The girl that you will probably be seeing a lot of is Kathryn,” he says before nodding in Ivy’s direction, “we’ll see you around Ivy.” He then jumps off the window sill leaving Ivy confused. She runs to the window once she realizes what just happened and gets there just in time to see the man fly away with one black and one white wing.

“Wha…How…Wait, how did he know my name?” She wonders and she walks herself out of the hospital.


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