16 Personalities

Hey everyone,

I know it has been a while! Sorry. New place, practicially new life and I am loving it, but it also means I am busy. Haha. I am not good at coming up with ideas to write,so I figured i’d write about a  personality test my neighbor talked me into taking. It is called 16 personalities. Go ahead and take it yourself! I got the letters INFP-T which is known as the “mediator” personality. I will explain further:

The first letter is our mind and how we react with our environment. I recieved an I for introvert. For energy, which stands for the traits in which we direct our mental energy I recieved a N which stands for intuitive instead of observant.

For Nature, which is how we make decisions and cope, I recieved a F,which is feeling instead of thinking. This means that my emotions drive me in this category.   For tactics, which are the traits that reflect our approach to work, planning and decision making ,I received a P for prospecting instead of judging. This means I am good at improvising and spotting opportunities. Prospecting individuals tend to be flexible and relaxed noncomformists that like to keep their options open. The last category is identity. These traits show how confident we are in our abilities and decisions. I received a T for turbulent. Turbulent individuals are self-conscious and sensitive to stress. They experience a wide range of emotions, success-driven,  and are eager to improve. There you have it,INFP-T personality. Famous people that have these same traits are

-William Shakespeare, Jonny Depp, Julia Roberts, Ann of Green Gables and Alicia Keys.

Strengths of INFP-T People

– Idealistic, seek value and harmony, open minded and flexible, passionate, creative, dedicated and hardworking.


Weaknesses of INFP-T individuals

-too idealistic  -too altruistic

-difficult to get to know, Take things personality and hate dealing with data.

Your Turn!!!



3 thoughts on “16 Personalities

  1. I think I’m an ENFP, although my N and T are super-close. I never can get the same results on these things. Although I’m an extravert, there are times that I’ve just got to get away and be by myself, and I also can’t stand crowds like at amusement parks! 😉


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