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Interview With An Angel

Hey guys, I started this story last year to dig deeper into the mind of a character that I am using in my Lost Princess Series and Demon Revolution. This will also be turning into a series that I think I’m just going to call The Interview Series. In this story Sebastien will be telling… Continue reading Interview With An Angel


All About My Novel: Finding The Princess

Hey guys, I finally got a free weekend to sit and record a long video talking about my novel. It goes over the basic premise and talks about the important characters. Check it out and let me know what you think! 


Inspiring Songs

Hey guys, I got an idea this morning to share songs that are inspiring to me with you. So I’ll be posting new songs every month that inspire me or motivate me.I will be posting the links to YouTube so that you guys can check out these songs too. This month it’s a tie between… Continue reading Inspiring Songs