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Book Preview

Hey guys, I have been working very hard for the past few weeks to finally get my first novel finished and I’ve done it. It has to go through editing and that kind of stuff now before I can actually publish but it’s still really exciting just to have the manuscript itself done. That being… Continue reading Book Preview

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Inspiring Song (October)

This month my inspiring song is by Icon For Hire. I do like a few of their songs and it was hard to choose the one that was the most inspiring but I’ll just give a list. Get Well Make A Move Watch Me – this song speaks to me the most as a person… Continue reading Inspiring Song (October)

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NaNoWriMo (New Project, Writing Buddies, etc.)

Hey guys, it’s October now which means that NaNoWriMo is next month! I’m really excited about it this year, last year I was a bit nervous because it was my first time participating but this year I’m just excited. This year I am writing a book that is a bit more difficult. I’m still going… Continue reading NaNoWriMo (New Project, Writing Buddies, etc.)


Two New Videos

Hey guys, I haven’t made a post about my music in a while so here are two new videos. The first is my new original Take A Moment: The second is a cover of Royals by Lorde: