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Throwback (My First Year Blogging)

Guys, I went back and looked through my super old posts from like two years ago and I found this one that was kind of funny but also really true. I don’t understand why people care so much about appearances. It’s not like that’s all that matters at the end of the road. I guess… Continue reading Throwback (My First Year Blogging)

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Wow guys, I am so happy about that number. I never thought that I could grow my blog this much. I want to thank all of you for every comment and like on my posts, and your suggestions and kind words on all of my writings. I want to do a Q&A type deal so… Continue reading 600 Followers!! 

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My First Cover

Hey guys, I got my first cover recorded today. I played Swing Swing by the All American Rejects. You can watch it here.

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A Little Poll

Hey guys, I just wanted to ask you a few questions about the blog and what you think about it. What is your favorite thing that we post on the blog? What is your least favorite thing that we post about? What would you like to know more about or see more of?   If… Continue reading A Little Poll

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What is in Your Handbag?

My “purse” is more of a sack. Inside is: 1.  My tablet (yes it has to go everywhere with me 2. My phone 3. Cough drops ( I am trying to fight off this sore throat) 4. A lot of pens and pencils. 5. Business cards 6. My square ( credit card reader) 7. My.… Continue reading What is in Your Handbag?

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Gluten Free Series

Hello Gluten Free Chef here. Here is this week’s Gluten Free recipe. Do you remember those wraps I told you about? If you are packing it as a lunch, I recommend to put your spread in a little container. The wraps are so thin that they become soggy after a while when you put your… Continue reading Gluten Free Series

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Three Types of Confidence

Notes: Spiritual Faith confidence in God The role this plays in your success journey is something you must decide Self- Confidence confidence in who I am (ability) This confidence does not encourage us to become something more Optimism confidence in my potential to grow and discover (potential)   Reflection: I think the biggest confidence I… Continue reading Three Types of Confidence