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Launching An Animation Studio!

Hey y’all! I am in the process of launching an animation studio called The Lost Princess Studios! We are looking for a serious team to help us launch our dream!

What Projects Are We Working On?

Well, we have a few in the works right now, and we have a few more coming in the near future.

The Lost Princess

This series follows an angel who struggles to keep his faith through many hard trials. He teams up with two unlikely friends and attempts to overthrow Satan, only to fail, but there’s always time for a second chance to renew his faith, but will he be able to keep it while searching for the missing princess?

Haunter of the Woods

This is a horror/psychological thriller movie. Everyone knows the urban legend of the girl who went missing in ‘The Woods’, but what will happen when the legend becomes real? Four mysterious phone calls, five bodies recovered in the home, what really happened that night in ‘The Woods’?

The Game Of Life

The idea that everything is fake and we’re all living in a simulation constructed by a superior society ahead of our time. It’d be a three part series which would focus on a group of friends thrown into this journey of discovering that the world they know is a lie and that once they know this truth they become enemies of the state or “Degenerates” and will have to make a choice to fight against this system and perhaps escape the simulation.
What Do We Need?
You must be willing to work on whatever project is happening at a given moment because every project under this studio is important. We will be working on dystopian fantasy, sci-fi, horror, and many other types of projects, and this will be a long term paid/rewarded gig.
Digital art only please! We need people who can design backgrounds and who can do detailed character designs, but also with quick turnaround. This will also most likely be a long term paid/rewarded gig.
We are working with 3D animation! We will need artists to create backgrounds for the animation, we will need storyboards, we will need 3D model design, and just more animators that can work in 3D animation. This is a long term paid/rewarded gig.
We need help with designing sound and music for the shows and movies that we are creating. Your musical talent must be diverse because we will be working with many different genres during the time that we are writing. This will be a long term paid/rewarded gig.
These will be people who go back over scripts after writers have finished, they will help with audio editing as well. This will be a long term paid/rewarded gig.
So How Do I Get In?
Well, there’s a process…
We will send you an email within two days either asking for more information or work references, or to give you the discord link.
We hope to see some of you soon!
~The TLP Studios TeamScreenshot_20180804-164131_Amino

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