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Hey guys, so I just recently started writing a bunch of demos for songs that I’ve been going over for months and even up to a year and I wanted to share them with you! I’m going to share the link to my SoundCloud account and you guys can choose what you want to hear!… Continue reading Music

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Real Talk: Living My Life For Me

Hey guys, it’s been a while since I posted and today I’ve decided to do a real talk post and I haven’t yet decided whether I’m going to make this a series or if it’s just going to be this one rambling post. Warning before I get started: this post will be extremely long, if… Continue reading Real Talk: Living My Life For Me

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New Song

The Lucky Ones: Hey guys, i finally got a new song written. It’s on piano this time since i didn’t bring my guitar with me. It’s about being depressed but always feeling like you have to be strong in front of others.


Songs That Speak To Me

Hey guys, I haven’t posted in a while and I decided that I was going to make a post about music today. I’ve been listening to a lot of different things recently but I always end up going back to Icon For Hire. The reason I think I keep going back is that Ariel writes… Continue reading Songs That Speak To Me

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I won! But not really, my story ended just short of 40,000 words and the rest is made up with the two school papers I had to write and a few short stories that I wrote when I was low on inspiration. It was very difficult and in the end I cried because I was… Continue reading NaNoWriMo

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Who Did You See? (Poem)

Who did you see When ¬†you talked to me today Were my eyes their usual bright blue Maybe a light grey Or maybe they were green Brown flecks around the iris   What was I feeling When you talked to me today Was I smiling and laughing Or maybe was I mad Did I look… Continue reading Who Did You See? (Poem)

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Prodigal Son (Poem)

I walk outside To see you coming home Your silhouette black Against the setting sun Laughter and tears are all mixed Seeing you after all these years Just like the prodigal son You returned Afraid to get beaten and cursed Instead you are greeted with hugs And kind words And clothes for your back I… Continue reading Prodigal Son (Poem)