This is a second story I’m working on. It’s a supernatural fantasy story set in our world but with supernatural creatures. I am working on a third set of revisions for it right now.


This is the working cover. I’m thinking about renaming the book.


Ivy has anger issues, she doesn’t just get mad, she literally blows up. It has caused trouble for her in the past but now it’s gotten so bad that she can no longer live with her family. She gets shipped off to a correctional facility in North Carolina to see if she can get over her problem but the people only seem to want to make it worse for her.

Only a few days after she arrives at this new school she finds herself in with an odd group of friends and they all seem to be hiding a huge secret. They always talk in secret and she wishes she could know what they talk about behind her back. Her wish will come true but not in the way she wants it to. Her friends that she once thought were all friends will turn against each other and she will be caught in the middle.

Here is a link where the story can be pre-ordered.