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Queen of Manipulation

Come with me she says Do not be afraid We will make you a hero All you need is your strength She looks into his eyes Begging him to follow And he does without question She turns around a huge grin on her face The queen of manipulation just got her new prey She opens… Continue reading Queen of Manipulation

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This is just a little poem giving some background on the three characters that I write about the most. She was just a girl Lonely and afraid Couldn’t see the world Or hear what people would say They called her a monster But that’s just what they were told By her monster of a father… Continue reading Poem

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Well, I just took my first final and I got an 80 which isn’t bad but it doesn’t do well for keeping up my grade. I don’t actually have the grade back yet though so maybe my teacher will have a heart and give partial credit for the one question that I missed one part… Continue reading Finals

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Optimism vs. Pessimism

Notes: Pessimism sees what is and assumes that this is the way it will always be. Nobody says they are are being pessimistic. They say they are just being realistic. The pessimist is the most unrealistic person on the planet. Optimism sees reality before it arrives Today we see a reality that was created by… Continue reading Optimism vs. Pessimism

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Never Grow Up

I don’t ever want to be old I want to run and play Like the old days No one’s stopping us We can do what we want So let’s never grow up   Run through the halls Screaming and pushing people down This is fun This is never growing up Let them yell Try to… Continue reading Never Grow Up

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Stressed Out

Well guys, it’s that time of the semester again when everything suddenly comes crashing down and you realize that there are only two weeks left. I am really stressed out now because I am behind with a project for my history class. I also have two finals on Thursday which thankfully means that two of… Continue reading Stressed Out

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How Do We Know If We Need to Change Our Thinking?

Notes: Thou Shall Not Fool Thyself “Nature delights in punishing stupid people.” Emerson   Reflection: This one really got me because I never did take the time to reflect on the way that I thought about certain things but then when I did take the time, through reading different self development books and being in… Continue reading How Do We Know If We Need to Change Our Thinking?

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She looks at her reflection What does she see The monster inside Begging to be free She fights it everyday Trying to flee   She’s running from herself Never to be free He will never let her be Running from herself Just wait and see This is where you will forever be   People stare… Continue reading Running

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Chapter 3- Long Live the Queen

The war has been raging for four years now and it’s time for someone new to come into power in the Inferno. Elisabeth has been training to take over as queen for three years. Her father had been encouraging her hatred of her sister but as she got older she realized the truth but there… Continue reading Chapter 3- Long Live the Queen

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Don’t You See?

Some of these poems that I share are based on story ideas that I have come up with but I couldn’t really think of a way to make them stories so I just turned them into poems. Don’t you see? This is what is supposed to be You didn’t believe You didn’t help her flee… Continue reading Don’t You See?