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Lost Princess Series

I had an epiphany from one of the comments that was left on the first chapter of Finding the Princess. I realized that I give the big reveal way too early in the first book so I am going to completely redo it. Instead of just having one chapter in the beginning describing the two sister’s lives in Hell, I am going to spread out in four or five chapters and then I’m going to go through multiple tests throughout the rest of the book and a big reveal at the end to lead into the second book. That will make the series four books instead of three but I at least have two of them almost completely written and I will be completely writing the first book during Camp NaNoWriMo in April. I will continue to post the chapters from the book that I have right now and get feedback because I will still be keeping most of the old chapters for the second book.


One thought on “Lost Princess Series

  1. I will also participate in CampNaNoWriMo this coming month, with a goal of drafting chapter 7 of the novel I’m working on in my blog. Are you interested in joining a cabin together? I promise not to snore.


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