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Chapter 2: Petra

She walks out the door careful to avoid all of the crowds. She gets nervous around crowds and that can sometimes lead to her getting angry which absolutely cannot happen on her first day. As she walks across the front of campus she sees some kids out playing Frisbee on the nice front lawn. They are all probably nice kids who haven’t burned things down or caused massive earthquakes in their schools. Normal kids who probably committed crimes but are not mutants like the ones forced to wear the shock collars. Ivy slips the collar around her neck and clips it into place as she continues walking down the one lonely sidewalk through campus. She sees students walking around smiling and looking happy and she wishes that could be her. If only she hadn’t screwed up her last chance to stay in the normal school with her friends. But now they’re all gone so it doesn’t matter. She looks up to see that she is standing in front of two differently colored buildings. One is a sky blue and the other is hot pink. The dorms, stereotypically painted to show that one is the boys and the other is the girls.

“Not all girls like pink.” Ivy grumbles as she makes her way to the building. It’s not much better a she walks through the door. The mural on the wall is a bunch of flowers and grass and a sun. “I thought this was a correctional facility.” She grumbles as she looks around the very bright room. A whole mixture of blues, pinks, greens and yellows cover the walls. She looks at her key and sees that the number says 2209. “Second floor. Cool.” She comments as she finds the stairs and starts climbing with her three bags. Once she reaches the second floor she finds her number on the swing hall, which means that she’s right above the lobby. She puts the key in the door and unlocks it. The door opens to reveal a barred window and a cot.

“Home sweet home.” She grumbles as she closes the door and drops her bags in front of the wardrobe and dresser that are also there. She sets her suitcase up on the dresser and unzips it. It flips open to reveal all black clothes. She opens the wardrobe and starts hanging her skirts and dresses on the hangers that are provided. She then unpacks her other bag into the drawers and crams the bag into the tiny spot in the bottom of her wardrobe before collapsing on the cot and staring off into space.


She was sitting on the floor with her friends around her. It was a fun time, she had been out of school for a while because she kept causing trouble. Her friends had stayed by her side even though she had all of those episodes in school. She smiles looking around at all of them, she can’t hear their conversation but they are all happy. Suddenly she’s outside watching in tears as her house burns down with all of her friends in it.


She gasps and blinks away the tears as she sits up from the cot. She looks around the room and sighs while running a hand through her hand. After sitting there for a few more minutes she decides that she needs some fresh air.

As she walks through the door of the stair case there seems to be a commotion. She walks over to the group of spectators and watches the scene unfold before her. A girl with long black hair and a fairly long dress is standing in the middle. She is seething but clearly trying to calm herself down. Another girl stands across from her grinning. Both are wearing shock collars. The grinning girl starts to circle around the other. Long hair girl refuses to fight anymore so she just stands and follows the girl with her eyes as she takes deep breaths. The grinning girl tackles the girl and starts punching her but there’s no fight yet from the girl.

“Everyone back up!” A male voice calls out over the crowd. They part like the red sea in front of the boy. There are some mumbles from the group of students as they watch him walk forward. Ivy is instantly mesmerized, this boy has something strange about him. He looks normal with dark brown hair and a tall form but there’s something almost inhuman about him, maybe the power from his voice. She snaps out of her daze to watch how he breaks up the fight. The girl is still punching and yelling things that Ivy can’t understand. The boy stands above the girls and stares down at them for a few seconds before the grinning girl’s face falls in fear and she slowly turns to see him standing over her. She quickly jumps up and runs away. The boy helps the other girl up and they hug before turning to walk out, Ivy notices that the girl has blood running down her face but just like her boyfriend she has the same inhuman appearance to her.

“It’s not nice to stare you know.” She hears a female voice. She snaps out of her daze to see the girl standing in front of her with a smirk on her face.

“Oh…I’m sorry. It’s just you’re really beautiful.” She whispers. The girl laughs loud at this.

“Thank you. You must be new here if you’re saying things like that to me.” She comments. “You don’t have to be nice to me.” She continues. Her eyes look over Ivy until they land on the shock collar wrapped around her neck. “Ah. It seems we are in the same boat. Maybe I can be friends with you after all.” She smiles and holds out her hand. “I’m Petra.”

Ivy grabs Petra’s hand and shakes. “Ivy.”



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