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Chapter 3: The Test

The next morning Ivy wakes up at 7:30 to prepare herself for class. She leaves early so that she can try to find her way through the campus. It turns out that there is another sidewalk through the back of the dorm building that leads to a different part of campus. She looks down at the map in her hands it’s not very well drawn, just a bunch of squares with numbers written on them to signify the buildings. There are no paths drawn and nothing else to help Ivy get her bearings, just the squares for the buildings. She sighs and crumples the map, she may as well just follow this single sidewalk and see where it takes her.

“Hey! Wait up!” she hears Petra’s voice coming from behind her. She stops and turns around with a smile on her face.

“Hey! I was hoping you would show up. I’m kind of lost.” She says holding up the crumbled map. Petra grabs the piece of paper and flattens it out. She looks at it and turns it upside down and sideways trying to read it before crumpling it again and throwing it off somewhere behind them.

“Yeah. It would be funny if you got lost on your first day but that wouldn’t make a very good first impression for your first day. Mr. Cross wouldn’t take that very well. He’s a stickler for punctuality and I don’t want you getting in trouble with him because he’s not a very nice person.” Petra says. Ivy stares at her in surprise, so much for being friends, she thinks. “So, why are you here?” You don’t seem like the kind of kid who would get into fights.” Petra asks. Ivy shudders as memories of the fire flood into her mind again.

“I would rather not say. You will probably find out soon anyway.” Ivy says in a sad voice. Petra give her a sideways glance but doesn’t push any further. They walk out into a field in the middle of four buildings. Students mill around, some heading to class and some deciding to just skip class and walk.

“This is the quad. A place for students to socialize while they wait for classes to start.” Petra says motioning around. She turns and looks at Ivy to see that she is preoccupied, staring at yet another hot guy. “I guess that’s better than staring at my boyfriend but don’t get yourself caught up with that. He’s bad news.” Petra says grabbing Ivy’s arm and dragging her away.

“Why?” Ivy asks. Petra stops and turns around.

“He was kept in a solitary cell for the first three weeks he was here. There’s something seriously off about him just don’t end up alone with him.” She warns. Ivy nods and glances back to see the boy staring at her with a wide grin on his face.

“Yeah. I guess you’re right.” She says as they continue to walk. She can’t stop thinking about how he looked. He has a lanky build, extremely pale skin, and silver hair that falls to his shoulders. The same inhuman beauty as Petra and her boyfriend. Petra drags Ivy through the door of the history building and into a classroom. Ivy looks around and instantly feels her nerves building up. The classroom is a mess, the desks are not in line, books are laid haphazardly on a table on the side if the room, the walls are grey and the windows are wash glass. She takes a deep breath as Petra leads her to a seat right next to her.

“This is our history class. I know it looks really crappy right now but it doesn’t normally look like this. It’s a test. He pushes new students to their limits, especially ones with collars. He will not stop until you snap, just be prepared.” She warns before turning back to face the front of the classroom as the teacher walks in. He is a pudgy old man with a small mop of hair on his head. He glares around the room until his eyes land on Ivy. He picks a paper up off his desk and walks it over to her. She takes it and reads it.

“Why the world is going to Hell and why we won’t stop it.” Ivy reads out loud to herself. “Oh. This ought to be fun.” She says. She looks over to see Petra grinning and sees the boy from yesterday sitting behind her with the same look on his face. The teacher picks up a piece of chalk and starts writing on the board.

“You kids are the cause of all of today’s problems. You’re always fighting and playing your stupid war games. Sometimes I wish we could just euthanize you like dogs.” He starts off. Ivy’s anger instantly builds at this statement.

“The hell is that supposed to mean?” She asks out loud. Petra looks over with wide eyes and starts shaking her head. The teacher turns with a sarcastic smile on his face.

“Do you have something to say new kid?” He sneers. Her anger starts to boil over as the ground starts to shake in the classroom.

“You know what? I do,” she says standing up, “Some of us have things that we can’t control no matter how much we try. Things that go out of control when we get set off.” Her body starts to shake as a huge gust of wind blows through the room throwing books and pencils and paper flying everywhere. She turns to look at Petra with wide eyes, she had failed the test. Petra just smiles apologetically as she watches everything happen. The other students are screaming and ducking under desks. She can feel the shock from the collar amping up every second until her body convulses from the voltage and she passes out.


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