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Isolation Cover and Description

As promised here I am with the working cover and synopsis of the novel.



Xavier gets kidnapped at the age of 17. Two years later his psyche splits after being beaten and mal-nourished. He is taken into the psychiatric hospital after his psychotic break. He now lives in the isolation ward. It’s not too bad and he makes quick friends with everyone else living in the ward but that quickly changes when he is brutally murdered by those same inmates.

Tyler is brought in after burning down a seemingly random house out in the country side. He refuses to take responsibility for his actions and he loves living on the ward. He loves the power that he now holds over the other inmates, now that he has erased Xavier’s name from the wall.

Xavier needs to fight back, this has gone too far. Will he be able to get over his fear or will he ultimately give in to Tyler’s crazy power?

Feel free to comment and ask me any questions that you have about the idea for this work.


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