Ivy: Chapter 1

This is a little book that I’ve been working on. Let me know what you think of the first chapter and if you want to see the next one.

Ivy walks into the main building of her new school. She didn’t know what to expect but, they had made it sound like it was nice. It’s actually completely opposite of that. Puke colored buildings and a barbed wire fence. She walked up to the other group of new students but the office lady was already telling them the rules.
“New kids! Throw your cellphones in the box and head to class!” The woman, or at least she thought it was a woman said in a booming voice.
“Excuse me. Could you please repeat the rules?” Ivy asks approaching the woman.
“I don’t repeat myself. You will just have to figure it out the hard way.” The woman says as she turns and walks away. Ivy drops her phone in the box and then she jumps at the sound of the office door slamming shut. A girl with long black hair came out. She was wearing a beautiful floor length black dress. She also looked like the kind of kid who always got into fights.
“What are you looking at?” The girl spat. Ivy could now see the girls face. She had bruises and scrapes but the funny thing is it didn’t take away from her beauty. “You know it’s not polite to stare. Are you one of the new kids?” She says.
“What? Sorry. I didn’t realize that I was staring. I was just heading out.” Ivy stammers. She was scared of this person but not because she looked like she was going to beat her up but because she was so beautiful. She couldn’t possibly be human.
“You are one of the new kids. I’m Petra. I hope I didn’t scare you too much. Randy was just making me mad.” She says smiling. Her smile was so bright it was almost blinding.
“I’m Ivy.” She says taking Petra’s outstretched hand. She hadn’t even been here an hour and she had already made a friend.
“Let me show you around. I have to warn you this place is not pretty and also this place is kind of like an insane asylum. Once you get admitted into the school you can’t leave. Unless, you try to sneak out that is.” Petra says giving Ivy a sideways look. Ivy already knew the buildings were ugly but it couldn’t be that bad.
“I didn’t think that a school could be that bad. I mean I’m used to violence at schools and everything but I was never told anything about not leaving. I also got this lovely contraption to keep me from fighting.” Ivy says laughing. Petra turns around and gives her a look like “you find that funny”.
“You know that’s a shock collar right? Like 15 shocks if you even think about fighting. Now do you think it’s funny?” Petra says getting up in Ivy’s face.
“Believe me. I know what it does. I’ve had one before.” Ivy says.
“Why did you have one before?” Petra asks backing away. She was obviously scared of Ivy now.
“It was no big deal. I just got into a lot of fights. When I was in a regular public school all of my teachers had a remote. So if I even looked like I was about to get in a fight they would push the button. Its not like it ever stopped me.” Ivy shrugs her shoulders. Then she shudders because she had a flashback of the major fight where she had ended up shattering the shock collar. All of the remotes had blown up along with it. She didn’t know who she was fighting with but she had suddenly had amazing powers.
“Well I guess you would fit in well here. Have you ever been to a school like this?” Petra asks as they as they continue to walk across campus.
“My parents thought I could handle just being in a regular school with some monitoring.” Ivy says.
“Well what happened to change their minds about that?” Petra asks. She stops to hear Ivy’s response.
“I was hanging out with my friends one night and, I had already had lots of random bursts of anger that resulted in anything from throwing someone across the room to what happened that night. We were hanging out and gossiping like normal girls but then one of the girls said something bad about my friend. All it took was one angry thought. I saw that a fire had started in the fireplace but I didn’t notice that it was actually around the whole room slowly eating up everything in its path. I didn’t notice until everyone started screaming and running for the door. By then half of them were rolling on the floor trying to put out the flames that had engulfed them. I was the only one who made it out and the police and my parents thought I did it on purpose. That’s why I’m here.” Ivy says remembering every moment of the incident.
“Oh. My. God. You…” Petra trails off. She looks part amazed and part scared out of her mind. “Do you know who you are?” She asks taking a step back from me.
“No. Is it bad?” Ivy asks starting to wonder if she was some kind of monster. She had no idea that people were fighting over her life.


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