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Summer Rundown and Starting At A New School

This summer went by so fast and it’s hard to remember everything that happened because we were literally doing something every week. I turned 21 at the beginning of the summer and one of my birthday presents was being able to go and see one of my favorite bands. I’ve talked about them a few times on my blog but they inspire me so much and I was so excited to be able to see them live. Icon For Hire is a band that I started listening to last year and their story seriously inspires me so much. Also if you’re looking for any inspiration check out Ariel’s show called The REL Show on YouTube.


The Icon For Hire show went until about 11:30 and the next morning we were up at 5 to head to the airport and go to Puerto Rico. Travelling is probably one of my favorite things and I love to see new places and get inspired by just being in a different state. There are a lot of things that can catch my attention and inspire songs or new books and it was exciting to experience it.

My sister and I went ziplining through the rain forest on the second day we were there and it was so much fun to be able to go through the canopy and look out to see how high up we were. We also went and saw the Arecibo telescope where the James Bond movie was filmed. The sunsets there were just beautiful and I took a picture of them every night because they were just so much more colorful and pretty being on the island. One night my family went out to the Bio Bay tour to see the fluorescent plankton and it wasn’t as cool as we thought it would be but kayaking out to the bay was definitely an experience because we couldn’t see anything and kept running into trees in the grove. We saw a place called The Butterfly People and she had beautiful glass cases with butterflies of every different color making a lot of different designs and it was really cool to see, I wish I could have gotten some pictures of them but it’s good to just get the experience. The last day we were there we found the pigeon park and my younger sister wanted to get some food, the second she stepped in the gates the pigeons were all over her arms and it was fun to experience it. I have a lot more pictures and you can see all of them in the album on Facebook and there are some videos also from ziplining and some nightlife.

The not so fun fast paced summer stuff happened when we got back. There were lots of camps at church and I had work. I worked for my second year at the Social Skills Today Special Needs Day Camp and again it made me question why I want to do this for a living but when the kids were having a good day I realized why. I worked with each age group this year unlike last year and I got experience with all ranges of disabilities. My favorite group is still the babies and lower functioning older kids. I struggled a bit with the older low functioning kids just because they were bigger than me and it was a little bit frightening. I had a kid from that room pinch me so hard that I ended up with blood blisters on both of my arms and there was a kid that loved to walk up behind me and whisper that ‘Mommy’s coming’. I think my biggest struggle was with the high functioning group because they can all talk back to me, and it’s hard to explain to an argumentative 13 year old girl that the 10 year old boy that I’m a one on one for that can’t talk is not deaf. Overall, it was a good experience and it made me realize all of the different struggles that each age group and function levels can deal with and that I prefer to work with kids that can’t necessarily talk back to me.

I went to a lot of other concerts this summer, some were big and some only had ten people in the audience. I got to see one of my favorite new rock bands from Maryland called Echoheart, check them out if you get a chance. I also went with my dad to see The Producers and it was definitely and interesting show. A few weeks ago my family went to the Postmodern Jukebox and Straight No Chaser double feature show and it was so much fun even though I don’t necessarily like jazz or vintage music but I love accapella music. Just two weeks ago my family went to see All Time Low and it was so exciting to get to see them live because they inspire me a lot, just like Icon and Echoheart.

Pictures are in order:



And while I’m putting in a bunch of YouTube links let me go ahead and plug myself in here. I have two songs up and a lot of covers and more coming very soon. I have been working on a lot of new music for my project that will be finalized at the end of this year and a new project that I will be starting at the beginning of next year. There will not be a new song in September but I will be posting short covers throughout the month and then a new song in October.

And now to the next stressful part which is the fact that I start classes tomorrow at a new school. I’m nervous because it’s going to be a completely new experience of taking the train downtown at 6:30 in the morning and walking the streets of downtown Atlanta early in the morning to get to my classes. I went last Tuesday and walked my schedule but it didn’t really help my nerves but thankfully my classes are all int he same quad along with the library so I won’t have to go very far to go to any of my classes.


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