New Year’s Resolutions

Hey guys, this is something that I’ve never thought about before. I’ve never tried to set goals for my year or tried to make changes in my life but this year I’m going to try.

This semester I’m taking 19 hours of classes crammed into two days so it’s going to be crazy but I’m going to start a few things that will help me to not be stressed even if classes start to get difficult.

I’m going to start keeping a journal and write in it every morning and every night just so that I have a place to put any negative or positive feelings and get them out of my system and maybe even get some new lyrics from them. I also found something called The Happiness Planner where I can write due dates for assignments but it also gives me the opportunity to write what I’m grateful for in my day and reflect on what makes me happy. That will be something that I keep with me all day at school and if I think of something I can just write it in.

I’m going to start doing meditations every morning just to get myself centered before I start my day and hopefully get into a good and positive mindset for my day.

These are just a few things that I’m going to be changing this year and there are more but that would make the post too long.

Thanks for reading guys! Do any of you have any New Year’s resolutions? Share in the comments if you want!


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