Music  Writing

Hey guys, I feel like it’s been a while since I posted.  It’s been especially long since I’ve talked about my music and how it’s going with writing songs and finding people to jam with.

I’ll talk about the writing first since I’m actually kind of getting somewhere with that. I haven’t made a video in about two months and that’s because I’ve been trying to write some more original songs.  The only problem with that is that most of the lyrics I’ve written are written for a full band with the unclean vocals and everything. I have been working on writing acoustic versions of the songs but so far I’ve just had to write new lyrics that work with an acoustic sound.

Now there’s the problem of finding people to play with.  As you can probably imagine there’s not a huge scene in Valdosta so it’s difficult to find the right people.  I’m hoping to find some people next semester in my guitar class. 

Until then I guess I’ll just keep trying to write on the piano and guitar and see if I can get some more songs out. I definitely have no shortage of lyrics to put to music.


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