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Who Did You See? (Poem)

Who did you see

When  you talked to me today

Were my eyes their usual bright blue

Maybe a light grey

Or maybe they were green

Brown flecks around the iris


What was I feeling

When you talked to me today

Was I smiling and laughing

Or maybe was I mad

Did I look happy

Or do I always just look sad


Who did you see

Was it him or maybe her

Was it actually me

Or was it someone else


You think you know me

You really don’t

How could you know me

When I don’t know myself


Pretending is easy for me

I do it all the time

I pretend to be the same person

All the time when really

I am three


Multiple personalities

Is what they call this

I have it and it’s real

Just like my depression

It seems crazy I know

But it’s what I live with


So who did you see

How did I feel

Don’t ask me now

What was wrong earlier

I don’t remember

Because I’m not the same


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