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Growth Principle and Four Keys to Growth


Growth Principle: Your life only gets better as you get better

Four Keys to Growth:

  • Put ourselves into “must grow” situations
    • the challenge of a goal gives us the motivation to grow
    • most people set goals based on: ability and what they want
    • highly successful people set goals based on: potential, what they want and what they want to become
  • Make every opportunity a learning experience
    • when we try something we must look beyond the outcome of success or failure
      • there was something we did right
      • there was something that needed improvement
        • what did we do wrong/what should we have done differently?
  • Make growth a part of our daily routine
    • Luck is where preparation meets opportunity
      • opportunity abounds
      • Prepare!
    • When the opportunity arrives, it is usually too late to prepare
  • Get around people who challenge us
    • most people associate with people who are “peer and below”
    • in areas that we want to grow we should
      • find a mentor who is further along than we are
      • spend as much time with “peer and above”


These are things that I didn’t exactly understand when he first taught them but once I actually went out and hung out with my friends and went to my other classes I realized that I’m not doing any of these things. I want to grow but I’m staying with my same friend groups and not branching out to people who are above me that will challenge me to become better. I have tried to be a part of the creative writing club at my school but I’m always either busy with school work or home on Fridays so I’ve never gotten to go to a meeting with them.


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