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Did You Know?

Freud’s explanation of normal and abnormal behavior (psychodynamic model cont’d)

Normal and abnormal functioning are shaped by three unconscious forces:

  • Id- guided by the Pleasure Principle
    • Instinctual needs, drives and impulses
    • Sexual; fueled by libido
  • Ego- guided by the Reality Principle
    • Seeks gratification, but guides us to know when we can and cannot express our wishes
    • Ego defense mechanisms protect us from anxiety
  • Superego- guided by the Morality Principle
    • Conscience; unconsciously adopted from our parents

These three parts of the personality are often in some degree of conflict

  • A healthy personality is one in which an effective working relationship exists among the three forces
  • If the id, ego, and superego are in excessive conflict, the person’s behavior may show signs of dysfunction

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