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My Works In Progress

This post is probably going to be just as long as the one of works that I’m deciding to put to the side. I have about 16 different books that I’m working on at the moment and some of them are all for pretty much the same story line but some are stand alone stories.

The first and biggest project I am working on is The Lost Princess series. All in all this series is made of four books: Finding The Princess, Protecting The Princess, The Awakening, and The Final Battle. Along with those four books I also have some companions that go deeper into the back story of my three main characters.

The first companion is called Demon Revolution and it digs into the full backstory of what happened to the three of them in Hell but only from Katherine’s POV.

The second set of companions digs deeper into the psychology of my characters and the series is called The Interview Series. It consists of: Interview With an Angel, Interview With a Demon, and Interview With a Deveron.

The second project I have is called Faction of the Ancestors. This is a series that consists of: The Great Escape, Family Without Flaws, Hidden Prophecy, and Battle of Champions. It follows four kids as they try to stay one step ahead of their crazy father.

The third project I have is Isolation. This one is a stand alone psychological thriller about a boy whose psyche splits after being kidnapped and then beaten every day for two years of his life. It’s his very twisted journey to healing and going back out into the world.

The fourth project I have is The Secrets We Keep. This is also a stand alone psychological thriller. It follows the journey of a brother and sister as they try to stay one step ahead of their murderer father, but there’s something a little more twisted going on.

The fifth project I have is Keep The Faith. This is a Christian book that follows the journey of six kids who are struggling to keep their faith in the midst of a world that has turned to a religion kin to Satanism.

The sixth project I have is King of the Crossroads. This is an interesting one that I haven’t actually put any words down for yet. This tells the story of Jax, or the King of the crossroads, and the stories of his workers who make contracts in exchange for human souls.


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