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Four Keys To Remaining Optimistic

I’m bringing these posts back now that I’ve found my notes again.


We must be able to see what can be

  • Things that were thought to be impossible many years ago are commonplace today

We must not let problems intimidate us

  1. Problems and opportunities are Siamese twins
    • they come attached
    • the size of one is about the size of the other
  2. We cannot abandon hope when faced with big problems

We must be willing to get our hopes up

  1. It is crucial that we get our hopes up
    • hope is healthy (both mentally and physically)
    • hope is the motivation behind all great efforts
    • hope has always marked the upward spiral of mankind
  2. We must have the emotional strength to deal with disappointment
    • They say “Don’t get your hopes up”
    • They don’t want us to experience disappointment
    • We should not kill our hope to kill our disappointment
    • Embrace hope and learn to handle disappointment

We must beware of those who would crush our hopes and dreams

  1. Nothing is easier to find than a person who will tell us we cannot do something
  2. The person who says it cannot be done is usually passed by the person doing it
  3. If somebody is negative, we must not share our dreams and hopes with him or her


I sometimes have a problem with seeing what can be but I do keep my dreams and aspirations close even if I don’t always believe it. I am thinking about starting a vision board so that I can actually see what can be and always have the constant reminder to move forward.

I haven’t really ever let big problems intimidate me and that’s mostly because I am able to think through problems with a calm mind and solve them quickly and efficiently with as little drama as possible. I know that problems will stop me if I do let them intimidate me so I try to avoid them as much as possible but of course with every opportunity there comes some problem.

Getting my hopes up is not something that I am good at. I always keep low expectations for things because I don’t know how they will turn out and if they turn out well then I’m really happy, if they turn out crappy then I’m a little disappointed but not super unhappy about it.

The last one is something that I have problems with because I like to tell everyone about my dream of being a published author. I have come into contact with mostly people that are just inquisitive about how I will end up at that point but there are some who say nothing about my dream but talk more about how I’m doing in school and making sure I’m keeping my grades up. I know that keeping my grades up is important and I have been getting better at school but it’s just nice to have the people who are close to you care about what you want to do once you get out of college or maybe even before you get out of college if you can get good enough by then.


One thought on “Four Keys To Remaining Optimistic

  1. What exquisite words of wisdom! I think those are terrific. I also like your reflection on them because they are so how I feel. I really get tired of people (albeit well-meaning people) who tell me how hard it is to get a novel published. These people really care about me and don’t want me to be crushed by disappointment, but we can handle disappointment when it comes our way–if it comes our way, right?

    I think you should go for it! Go for it with all your might, girl. That’s what my middle-age self would have told my sophomore in college-age self. 😉

    And, btw, thanks so much for following my blog! I’m desperate for followers…groveling, here. 😉

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