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Hey guys, so I have some writings that will probably never get to a publishing stage just because there are so many there books like them and I don’t want to just publish more of the same books but, I was wondering if you guys would like to read some chapters from some of those works that will never make it to publishing.

These writings are: May The Best Princess Win, Never Ending War, The Runaways, Hell’s Princess: How To Be A Demon Princess, Hell Games- these five use the same characters from my supernatural fantasy series The Lost Princess.

Protector, The Alpha’s Omega, Vampires and Demons, Magic, Alpha’s Daughter, The Alpha and His Rogue, Guatemala Adventures

If I get new bursts of inspiration to write more on these I might change my mind about publishing but as of right now all of these are paused because I couldn’t continue them, either because they went into themes that I’m not comfortable with and therefore haven’t gotten around to writing it yet, or just because I lost the story. Let me know if you guys would be interested in seeing chapters from any of these books.


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