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Faction of the Ancestors (Characters)

The inspiration for these characters is easy to tell because I did base them off of people that were around me at the time of writing it.

Ari- this is Jolie’s character. The older sister who is protective of all of her siblings and is supposed to be the leader for them. She has a motherly instinct but not much else. Her powers are teleporting, healing, and shape shifting.

Kathryn- this one is based off of myself. I gave her every thing that I don’t have. She is incredibly smart, probably too smart for her own good. She’s also very strong and ends up becoming the person calling the shots for her siblings. Her powers are premonitions and telepathy.

Jasper- I based this one off my brother since the character and him were about the same age when we started writing the story. He’s a brat but he knows he needs to fall in line and not question what Kathryn says when they are put in a tight spot. His power is super strength.

Petra- this one is based off of my cousin Kennedy who was also just the right age at the time that we were writing the book. She has been kept and tortured by her father who is trying to steal all of their powers. She is able to hack into Kathryn’s premonitions and tell her exactly where she is to aid her rescue.

Malachi- I didn’t base him off of anyone but he’s their father. He doesn’t have anything special but he’s incredibly greedy and is trying to steal all of their powers.

(All of the characters originally had three powers but I forgot most of them since we didn’t type it all down.)


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