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The Jig Is Up Part 1

Waking up with a dagger pointed at your throat is exactly as terrifying as you’d think it is, well, the knife itself is not terrifying but the person holding it is. I have to keep my composure as I slowly sit up in the bed, careful not to piss off the man standing in front of me.

“It’s been a long time.” I tell him as he presses the dagger onto my throat.

“This must be a joke. You’re a human.” He grumbles at me. I smile and nod at him.

“It’s weird isn’t it? I don’t have any of my powers and I don’t even have the ability to look like myself. How did you find me by the way?” I ask him. He pushes the dagger further against my throat. I hold my hands up in a surrender motion and he finally seems to realize that I don’t have the ability to fight with him. He pulls back and glares at me before motioning to two men that I hadn’t realized were also in the room.

“Get her, we need to take her in. She may know where the man is we are looking for.” The men grab me roughly by the arms and drag me out of the room with no protest from me. This has been a long time coming and I’m glad that I decided to leave my family behind when I did. They shove me in the back of a black car and one of the men gets in next to me. The other two take their seats in the front and the car starts moving. I silently watch through the window as the scenery slowly starts changing from beautiful rolling hills to trees of fire and red dirt for as far as the eye can see.

“Home sweet home.” I mumble to myself as buildings start coming into view. Ruins of buildings which means that they started our drive at the ninth circle. My city has been completely obliterated and now they want to break me too. “Do you think this is funny? Bringing me through the ruins of my city?” I ask them. The man in the driver’s seat just glares at me before turning his attention back to the road. I sigh and keep my eyes inside the car so as not to see anymore of the ruins. Suddenly there’s a loud knock on my window that jars me out of my trance, I look up to see the very man I had been dreading since leaving Hell. The door opens and he grabs my arm roughly before throwing me out of the car and onto my knees with my face scraping against the ground.

“That hurt. Is that really the way you treat women?” I ask. HIs face doesn’t move from a glare as he stares down at me. Then he kicks me over on my side and kneels down in front of me.

“You look like Kathryn. What is your name?” He asks. I huff and roll my eyes before sitting up and resting back on my tied up hands.

“It depends.” I reply. His nostrils flare and he raises his head a bit before looking back down at me.

“Tell me your name, human.” He demands. I raise my eyebrow at him.

“Are you sure that I’m human?” I ask. He grips my throat and lifts me from the ground.

“I am quite sure that if I squeeze any harder on your neck I could snap it and if you weren’t human I wouldn’t be able to do that so easily.” He tells me. I laugh a little and raise my hands.

“Fine…I’ll give you the answers…just let go please.” I tell him. He gives a satisfied smile and releases me. I gasp a few times before straightening up and glaring at him.

“My name is Sebastien. I am the man you have been looking for whether you want to believe me or not.” I say. He scoffs with a smirk on his face.

“Last time I checked Sebastien wasn’t a girl.” He tells me. I roll my eyes and huff.

“Well of course not but majority rules. Just put us back in our original body so that we can show you and then you can do whatever you want with me.” I tell him. He raises an eyebrow and snaps his fingers for some servants to bring my perfectly preserved body out.

“Very well. Go back into your body and show me the truth.” He motions to my body and stands out of the way as if I can work some kind of magic to transfer our spirits from this human shell to the original body.

“I’m sorry but it doesn’t work that way.” I explain. He nods slowly in understanding and before I can prepare myself a sharp pain forms in my chest. I gasp and look down to see someone’s hand going clean through my body and holding my heart. The hand leaves my body and I get pushed on top of my original body as everything goes black and cold.


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