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Story Ideas I Would Like To Tackle #4

This one is a story that I started writing with one of my friends but I thought that it would be fun to make it longer and try to write a novel about it, if I can remember enough of what happened in high school.

This is going to be a thriller but also kind of comedic because the names of the characters kind of take away the seriousness a bit.

The title I have for it is Everything Has Changed

The general idea is a group of high school students, specifically the flute section of the marching band who has been through everything together from year one until some certain seniors graduate. These students live and breathe band and their lives would have been meaningless without it. They are all very close friends and talk to each other about a lot of stuff but what happens when one of these friends loses someone close to him and starts to shut down. He turns away from the group and doesn’t talk to anyone until the day of graduation when he and his friend decide to go after the other people of the flute section and chase them through the halls of the high school.


One thought on “Story Ideas I Would Like To Tackle #4

  1. This sounds like an interesting story and I’d enjoy reading it. I think you’d really have to build the tension in the emotional and relationship dynamics in the first half to make it a really strong novel. Just sharing what I thought as I read.

    Have an awesome day!

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