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Faction of the Ancestors (Inspiration)

So this series was originally called The Getaway and it was only going to be one book that ended on a cliff hanger but I don’t like doing that so Jolie and I have decided to make it a series.

We started this story over Christmas break a few years ago just because we were bored. I had just finished reading Maximum Ride: Angel Experiment for about the tenth time and I decided that I wanted to write something like that. So that’s where the powers came in and that’s probably the only thing that deviates from Maximum Ride and the fact that they weren’t originally kept in a science facility.

We used places that we had visited before as settings in the book so that it could be more realistic and since our characters are only staying for a short time, a traveler’s perspective of the city or state is good enough. We used my uncle’s ranch for one of the big scenes after we got to drive the Kubotas around the big pond.


2 thoughts on “Faction of the Ancestors (Inspiration)

  1. Thanks for following by blog, Words by K. Alan. I’m hoping to get some discussion going there of the authoring process. I noticed in your post, here, that you’re using a familiar setting in a highly speculative novel; this is wise, I think, as readers need to feel grounded when reading that kind of fiction. Good job comitting yourself to the craft while young. I wish I had.

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