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NaNoWriMo Day 10- Word Count: 14,741

I am finally caught up on my days but not with my word count. As of right now I’m about 2,000 words behind the expected daily goal but that’s okay because some days will be better than others for writing and maybe I’ll actually be able to get some good writing done this weekend when I go home.

I did manage to hand write a whole new chapter of almost 2,000 words while I was sitting in my two hour class. It’s not completely finished but it has all of the major scenes, I just have to add the ending.

Today wasn’t difficult and I have managed to slow down the story a bit but not a whole lot, someone still died in the chapter that I wrote today but that’s okay because I can still space some other stuff out. And my characters are on the move again after only staying in this town for two days so it will be interesting to see where they plan on going next.


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