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Faction of the Ancestors

This is the first in a series that digs deeper into all of my WIPs. there will be a group of posts for each book or series that I am writing and I will be breaking it up into parts instead of giving a long run down.

Faction of the Ancestors (Series)- Book 1: The Great Escape, Book 2: Family Without Flaws, Book 3: Hidden Prophecy, Book 4: Battle of Champions

Synopsis Book 1: Two sisters, Kathryn and Ari, have been on the run from their father for the past 12 years. They somehow manage to stay just one step ahead of him with Kathryn’s premonitions but pretty soon instead of the premonitions of warning, Kathryn starts seeing people in her visions, a boy and a girl specifically. The two sisters go searching for these kids and end up in a world of trouble when they walk right into their father’s trap trying to save their younger sister. They manage to get out but not without Kathryn getting damaged in away that is nearly irreparable but now they must stay on their feet and run as long as they can to continue to stay one step ahead.

Book 2: Ari, Jasper and Petra are on their own after Kathryn gets kidnapped by their father. Now they must work without the premonitions in order to stay one step ahead. Ari teleports them to a run down town after getting an odd message from someone who says they can help. The person they meet is someone that they never would have expected, their uncle. He tells them of a way that he can help but they remain skeptical and Jasper decides to dig into his family’s past. Their mother, Mary, has a large family all with different powers and abilities and their father’s family has been hunting them for ages. They decide to trust their uncle when Kathryn suddenly comes back looking near death and broken.

Book 3: Kathryn is back but she’s taking longer than usual to heal and come back from the trap in her mind. The siblings have been staying at their relatives house for a few months because there is a protective seal around it that will prevent their father from getting to them. The other siblings don’t notice but their relatives are being incredibly nice, maybe a little too nice. Kathryn wakes up suddenly and immediately pegs not only one family member but all of them as traitors. It was a trap but how do they get out when their family has been wielding their powers for longer than the siblings have? Then the prophesy is revealed.

Book 4: After learning their destiny from their remaining family members the siblings leave the house’s protective circle and decide to go on the run again but this time, they aren’t running away. Along the way they must work and train to master all of their powers to reach their full potential for the fight ahead of them. They must break the cycle by finally once and for all destroying the family that has been tormenting them for years.


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