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My Pet Peeves

I decided that I wanted to go back to the Pinterest lists and pull out more about me questions so that you guys can get to know me more.

For this one I don’t have a whole lot because I’m a pretty easy going person but that usually means that when something does bug me then it’s a pretty big deal.

  1. People lying to me- I feel like this one seems pretty simple and that it would make anybody mad but I don’t just mean blatantly telling a lie to my face. I mean, if you don’t like me, don’t smile to my face and then turn around and glare at my back. I can tell even when you don’t tell me to my face so there’s really no point.
  2. Noises- I’m okay with noises, when they are supposed to be happening. As a person with very sensitive ears it is important that I have a quiet environment, especially in school when I’m supposed to be paying attention to the professor and this kid on the other side of the room is tapping his foot on the metal leg of his desk. Or when I’m completely focused on my test and the teacher decides that he wants to start typing on the desktop as if he doesn’t know that sudden noises make you forget everything that sits in your working memory or in other words every single thing you studied. Also people chewing with their mouths open and doing that really annoying thing where they sniff and their throat sounds like some kind of garbage disposal.

Well, that’s all I could really think of for right now but I will definitely make a new post when I find my other ones.


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