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How Am I Feeling Today?


Honestly I can’t decide how I’m feeling today. I have been in a depression for the past week and a half and it’s not getting any better. I haven’t been able to write anything for a while but I did have some pre-written posts saved up in a folder because I figured something like this would happen eventually. The biggest contributors to this depression have been the stress of working crazy hours with my mom and then also trying to find the time to do my school work and then major lack of proper sleep. I am in the anger stage of my depression which means that I really can’t have a lot of contact with anyone or else I will snap and then I’ll have to explain myself even though there’s nothing to explain. I don’t know what triggered my depression but I know that it got bad really fast and it spiraled before I could catch it.

I am trying to get more stuff written out so that I can post but I have absolutely no inspiration for even simple posts much less writing new chapters or short stories. Hopefully there will be more posts during the rest of the week that aren’t so complaint filled and depressing.



3 thoughts on “How Am I Feeling Today?

  1. Most days I feel just like you do now. I live under imposible stress which rarely eases, and on the really bad days I try and do something just for me. And if I can get out and escape for a while it does wonders. When all fails, I resort to herbal rememedies, Kalms and rescue remedy. Not a cure, but it rubs the edge off.
    The trick would be to change something in our lives to make them better, but sometimes we just can’t…

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  2. Hi Piper; Hi jenanita
    Sorry to read how you are feeling. You have my sympathies and concerns.
    Oh, I’ve been there so many times, so many years and I daresay will have a few more visits before I’m done.
    No trite answers here, we’ve all read them and in response snarled or wept because we know often the author has not the slightest clue of what we are going through, otherwise they wouldn’t write such fluff.
    Sometimes it just comes down to basics:
    Sometime back I was going through one of the very bad patches. At work a fellow older than me by about 15 years and had once been ‘a success’ but was now in humbler circumstances asked me (as you do) ‘how are you today’…I replied in grim humour ‘Oh, y’know…surviving’. He looked straight back at me with a very serious expression and said, gently ‘Survival is good’.
    I’ve clung to that more than once.
    It’s tough I know.
    One foot in front of the other. Keeping on keeping on. There is no disgrace in feeling pain and feeling wretched, they come with living. When the small, bright patches, no matter how fleeting come, take and hold to them for as long as you can, they will sustain you.
    Take care. You are as valuable as the next person.
    Best wishes



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