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My Writing Process

I am what some people would call a pantser, I never plan any of my writings. On a normal day I can get about five new ideas for a story and no matter where I am I will start writing it even if it’s just in my head. If it’s a topic that really interests me it will stick in my mind and I will be able to write it down immediately once I get to some paper.

I start off my process by handwriting my whole first draft. Handwriting is the only way that I ever get anything done because I get easily distracted when I sit at the computer. I start my process this way for school essays and creative writing projects.

The next step I take is actually typing up my work. I take that time to make any edits as I transfer from paper to electronic. The good thing about already having everything written down is that it only takes me about a day to copy it over whereas it takes me about four weeks to hand write a full first draft.

After I type it down the first time I like to let it sit and leave to work on something else for a while and then come back with fresh eyes later to see what I can find to change in the story based on any new things that I have learned through writing something different. This is also really helpful for me to find my mistakes in my writing.

After the second edit I like to print out the new draft and have it as a hard copy so that I can take notes on it and type it up again.

I continue this same process until I think that the story is as good as it’s going to get.


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