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House in the Woods

This is another chapter from Demon Revolution.


Today they want to film something about me to show to the tired people who have been affected by the war and are mad at me. They want to show these people that I am actually on their side because the whole thing about my being royalty didn’t go over so well with them.

“Katherine! Did you even hear a word I said?” The cameraman says. Whoops, I wasn’t paying attention. Surprise.

“Sorry. I didn’t hear anything.” I say.

“We are interviewing you about your hunting. We have to go out into the woods. You need to lead us to your favorite hunting spot.” He says. He seems pretty teed off at me right now, oh well.

“Can I hunt along the way?” I say. there are awesome animals living in the dark forests of Hell. Most of them are giant carnivorous animals which is exactly what you would expect, right?

“No, we need to get this done quickly. You understand, right?” He still sounds really mad.

“I guess.” I start leading them to my favorite spot. It’s my hunting spot and nobody else is supposed to know about it but I guess I can make an exception. I have mastered walking completely quiet through all of the leaves but these nimrods with their cameras and everything are making huge amounts of noise and I can feel it attracting animals. After a few minutes of walking we finally get to my favorite spot.

“Wow. This is your favorite spot? It’s an old abandoned shed. Honestly I don’t understand what you do with yourself.” The interviewer mumbles under his breath. I walk over to the shed and suddenly everything that was old and run down about it was gone. It looked like a brand new house. The cameraman was already rolling so he saw the whole magical transformation.

“I purposely made it like this. So that if anyone decided to come back here they wouldn’t try to touch it because it looked so gross. It’s my home away from home. Nobody knows about it so I can just hide away out here and hunt and be fine. I built it myself. I just came out here one day when I was upset and found a pile of old wood and I put the pieces together.” I say. I look at my feet. I have never told anyone this much about myself before.

“Wow. This is amazing. You made it like your own personal paradise. I never thought there would be something this beautiful in the midst of all the flames.” The interviewer says. I can see that he is absolutely starstruck.

“I built it before the fence was put up. I’ve been coming here since I was a small child. Of course nobody ever knew I was coming here until my younger sister told my parents. I know she meant no harm so I was never mad at her. My father was furious with me though so he took my very own hand carved bow with the arrows and burned them. Then, he went to Kathryn’s father and asked him to put up the fence. I was also publicly punished.” I stop. I look around at the scenery and take it in. Or at least that’s what the cameraman and interviewer thought I was doing. “Who’s there?” I say once I pinpoint the person.

“I’m sorry. I just heard people talking and wanted to check it out. There aren’t usually people out here because of the force field and fence that is up around this last little bit of vegetation that exists.” the girl says. She walks out from behind a tree and right away I recognize her.

“Oh my… Have you been hiding out here all this time? I knew you weren’t dead but I didn’t think you would be hiding in this kind of place.” I say. I finally found my little sister. I hope I never have to lose her again. Wait until Damien finds out!

“I ran away before the public punishment. I thought you would be mad at me. then, I found this house and I could feel your energy coming from it. I realized that you could never possibly be mad at me. I’ve been living here since that day. I’ve been hunting also. I learned from watching you. I know that sounds really weird but on some days I would follow you out.” She stops and starts shifting from foot to foot. She seems nervous about meeting me after all of these years. There’s definitely something wrong with her, this is not what my normal sister would act like. I am happy that she’s back but there’s no way that she’s actually been out here all this time. I sniff the air a bit before looking back at her. I put a smile on my face and hold my arms out to her and she gets a look of surprise across her face. She runs and jumps into my arms and I pick her up and spin her around while she laughs. During this time I mark her scent and my suspicions are confirmed but I keep the smile on my face.

“So are you saying you find this house to be something more important than just the building?” The interviewer asks. She gasps as if she just realized that there were other people here.

“I find it to be almost like a tie between my sister and I. I don’t know how to describe it but it’s almost like she’s always here with me. I know it sounds weird because to all of the people watching it will just looks like a ratty old house in the woods.” She lies. I glance down at her but I still keep the smile up even though it hurts my face.

“Alright. that will be the end of production. I think we’ll call this one ‘House in the Woods’.”


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