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Bloody Mary

This is an essay that I wrote in my sophomore year of high school. My teacher told us to pick an urban legend and disprove it, I chose to disprove Bloody Mary because of my personal experience with the paranormal. Of course I couldn’t just write the paper based on my own knowledge of this world, I did do a lot of research into the legend and found every story about “Mary” and everything there was to know about her. These are my findings in a poorly written essay.

There was a girl walking home from school. When she was almost home some muggers came out and brutally murdered her. They made her face almost unrecognizable. This girl’s name was Mary and it is said that if a person went in front of a mirror in the dark and chanted her name three times “Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary” she will show up in the mirror and she will kill the person the same way she was killed. Although, some people would like to believe that a spirit will come into their mirror there are multiple reasons why the urban legend of “Bloody Mary” is inaccurate, one, there are too many stories about where she originates from, two, there are too many impossible punishments that she could give a person for summoning her, last, mirrors are not thought of as devices to summon spirits.

First, there are too many stories about where this “Bloody Mary” comes from. There are some modern ones and some that are over 100 years old. The oldest “Bloody Mary” story is about a witch who got executed for using black magic and she was supposedly looking in a mirror when they killed her. There was also the story of Mary Tudor, Queen of the Scots, who executed a lot of protestants during her reign. Some more modern “Bloody Mary” stories are the one about the girl walking home from school. There is one about a woman who got in a fatal car crash and her face was all scratched up.There is also one that a girl got her face mutilated and her parents would not let her look into the mirror for fear that she would go insane but one day she did finally look in the mirror and she ended up walking into it trying to find her pretty face again. There are also some stories that either have people that don’t exist or don’t have anything to do with someone named Mary. Elizabeth Bathory or Countess Dracula, Queen of Romania, is called “Bloody Mary” because she liked to bathe in the blood of young girls to keep her youthful beauty. Then there are a couple of stories that use the name Mary Worth. This person named Mary Worth never existed. There are also multiple ways to summon this “Bloody Mary”. If a person is looking to summon Mary Tudor they say “Mary, I killed your baby”, or “Mary, I stole your baby.” If a person wants to summon any other Mary they say, “I don’t believe in Mary Worth”, or “I believe in Mary Worth.” The stories and ways to summon her just keep getting more modern twists to them. That is one of the reasons why “Bloody Mary” is inaccurate.

Second, there are too many impossible punishments that people say she gives to the person who summons her. If she’s not very happy about being summoned she could do anything from taking the person who summoned her into the mirror with her to wander for an eternity to scratching out your eyes to murdering the person the same way that she was. If shes having an okay day she might answer questions or maybe she will just haunt the mirror but not actually do anything to the person. The reason that these things are impossible is that even if there were a spirit it wouldn’t be able to do any of these things.

Third, mirrors were never thought of as a device used to summon spirits. It might have been thought of as a portal to another world or the underworld where if a person walked through it they could see their dead relatives. It was also believed that if dead people are looking in a mirror while they are dying their soles will be trapped in the mirror forever. That’s is probably where the story of the witch came from. Mirrors are also divinatory things they can tell a person who their future husband will be and who is the fairest one of all. There are many different games that you can play using a mirror. “Bloody Mary” is one of them and it was created by people who were scared. It was also only mostly played by children who are both imaginative and adventurous. The reason the kids see the face in the mirror is because they keep telling themselves that she exists and they come up with what she looks like in their minds. Then when they are spinning around in the dark they get disoriented and think they see someone in the mirror.

In conclusion, there are many reasons why the urban legend of  “Bloody Mary” is inaccurate. There are too many different stories about how she died or where she came from. There are too many impossible punishments. Mirrors are not meant for summoning spirits but, they are used for divinatory purposes. These are the reasons why the urban legend of “Bloody Mary” is inaccurate.


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