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Three Types of Confidence


Spiritual Faith

  • confidence in God
  • The role this plays in your success journey is something you must decide

Self- Confidence

  • confidence in who I am (ability)
  • This confidence does not encourage us to become something more


  • confidence in my potential to grow and discover (potential)



I think the biggest confidence I have is spiritual faith because my faith is very strong and I know that I have to just give things to God sometimes. I always have bracelets on to remind me. One of my bracelets says “God is big enough” and the other says “Your will be done”. I also wear the bracelet that I got from my mission trip in Guatemala as a constant reminder of what God can do through me and how he can help me. These things are constant reminders to me and I wear them everywhere even though some people don’t like them. I also have a saying that has helped me to remember that he is always there and that is F.R.O.G or Faith Relies On God. It’s something that I was taught in VBS and it’s all over the elementary school wing at my church and it is a good reminder to always have faith.

I know that I struggle with the other two but I am definitely working on improving that because I know that I have to be strong in every confidence if I want to do good things with my life.



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