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Gluten Free Series

Hello Gluten Free Chef here.
Here is this week’s Gluten Free recipe. Do you remember those wraps I told you about?
If you are packing it as a lunch, I recommend to put your spread in a little container. The wraps are so thin that they become soggy after a while when you put your spread on them. 🙂

2 coconut wraps
Mayo or avocado
Lunch meat of choice(make sure it says gluten free on packaging)
Any other sandwich ingredient that you may like.

Place all ingredients inside of the wrap, gently roll the wrap, careful, it is thin and easily cracks. Enjoy!
I like this recipe when I am on the go and just need something light, but filling. The coconut wrap adds flavor to the lunch meat.

Please feel free to ask questions or post your opinions. If I do not know the answer, I promise to find one.


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