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Finding the Princess Chapter 7: That’s A Demon?

Sebastien sat up all night thinking over any plan that could possibly work in case demons decided to show up early. There wasn’t much they could do, especially having really fresh recruits. He sits back against the bed frame with a sigh.

“The only way to get them prepared is to have them train with demons.” He says as he looks over at the two girls who are sound asleep. He shakes his head and rubs his temples. “No. I couldn’t make them do that.” He says. He sits trying to figure something else out for the rest of the night. He doesn’t realize what time it is until he hears Katherine waking up.

“Sebastien? Did you stay up all night?” She asks as she flips her legs over the edge of the bed. He smiles at her.

“Ha. I guess I did.” He says. She gives him a look of concern and he turns away from her so that she doesn’t see his frown.

“Sebastien, you can’t fool me. We have been working together for close to 20 years. What are you worried about?” She asks. He sighs and leans back again. He looks up at the ceiling for a moment before responding.

“I don’t know how to handle this. I have been trying to figure out how we can handle demon armies without having to involve the new angels but there really isn’t any way we can do that. Then comes the issue of training them…” He stops and looks at her. She nods in understanding and looks over at Kathryn.

“Well, they probably shouldn’t train with her but I wouldn’t mind training them.” She tells him. He nods.

“I know you wouldn’t mind, that’s not what I’m worried about. I don’t know the extent of their powers and we don’t need you dying because one of them is too strong for you.” He explains. She nods in understanding.

“Well, you could test them all yourself first and see how strong they are. I know you aren’t supposed to be using a lot of your new power but just a little to test their abilities before I train them.” She suggests. His head falls back with a smile on his face.

“Seriously, this whole time I’ve been stressing and I didn’t even think about that. Thank you for telling me that. I think that’s what we’ll do. I guess we should get ready for class then.” He says as he looks at the clock on the wall above the door.

“Oh crap. We have five minutes now.” Katherine shoots up from the bed and shakes Kathryn awake. “Come on, we have five minutes before class starts.” She tells her and she immediately shoots out of the bed. They quickly phase into each other and Sebastien teleports himself to the history building.

“We made it with two minutes to spare.” He says.

“Who are you talking to?” The silver haired man from yesterday asks. Sebastien’s back stiffens for a moment but he chooses to ignore the man and keep walking. “I guess the rumors about you were true, you have gone mad.” He comments. Sebastien just smiles and makes his way over to his seat.

“I really wish I could get out of here and give that punk a piece of my mind!” Katherine grumbles. Sebastien nods and turns toward the front of the class as Mr. Cross walks in with Jasper and Petra. Jasper and Petra make their way to the same seats as yesterday and they both smile and nod at Sebastien.

‘I wonder how these kids would act toward me if they knew that I was one of the original archangels.’ He says. The girls snicker at the thought of their reactions.

“Okay class, I have been given special permission to turn this history class into a religious history class. That means that we will be learning about angels and demons and Heaven and Hell. If you are not okay with that then you can leave, I personally think it is very interesting.” Mr’ Cross starts class. Sebastien sits up in his seat with one eyebrow raised.

‘This will certainly be interesting. I wonder how he’s going to teach it.’ He says. Both of the girls were paying attention too, waiting to see how he would start.

“I think for this first class I will just take questions about the topic and then we will learn more in the next class. So, who has questions about Heaven?” He asks. Sebastien grips the edge of his desk waiting for the first question to be asked. One kid raises his hand and Mr. Cross calls on him.

“Well, in the bible it says that everything was created perfectly. Is Heaven really perfect?” He asks. Mr. Cross goes to answer but Sebastien raises his hand instead.

“Are you going to answer this young man’s question,Sebastien?” He asks. Sebastien can feel himself going into a panic.

“Yes. First I would like to say that no humans could possibly know the answer to that question so it should just be a speculative answer. And the answer to the question is yes, the place Heaven is perfect but the ones who reside in the lower levels of Heaven are not and were not meant to be completely perfect.” He answers and then stares down at his desk with wide eyes. He can feel Mr. Cross’s glare and he doesn’t dare look back up.

“How would you know if even Mr. Cross couldn’t answer?” The kid asks. He smiles without looking up.

“I’ve had enough experiences to know.” He answers shortly. His fists are clenched at his sides as all of his memories start flooding back.

‘Sebastien, come on, don’t do this to yourself. You were doing so well.’ Katherine says. He tries to take a deep breath and close his eyes but once his eyes close he sees the people he had to kill, the many men and women who died, Danielle getting taken away, everything floods back all at once.

“Sebastien!” Mr. Cross yells from right beside his desk and he jumps back looking straight up into the man’s eyes with his own wide tear filled ones. The stern look on the teacher’s face immediately softens as a look of concern takes over. “Are you feeling okay?” He asks. Sebastien swallows and looks down at the ground.

“No. I think I need to leave class for today.” He replies. Mr. Cross nods and looks to Jasper and Petra before making a decision.

“Class is dismissed for today. We will continue questions tomorrow.” He announces. The students get up with a huff and start filing out of the classroom. Sebastien stands also but his legs start to give out and he has to lean against the desk.

‘Dammit Sebastien! Why do you always have to stress about small things? You know that those memories come flooding back when you get too tired!’ Katherine scolds him as he slowly makes his way to the front of the classroom.

“What was that?” Gabriel asks. Sebastien ignores him and starts writing on the board.

“Which of you has seen Hell?” He asks without looking back at them. The three of them look at each other in confusion.

“None of us have. Why?” Gabriel answers. Sebastien slams the piece of chalk down in the holder under the board and turns around.

“How can you expect to teach a class if you don’t know what it’s like? Please, take a seat, I’ll teach you.” Sebastien gestures to three of the desks on the front row. The three angels take a seat but he can feel one more presence in the room. “If you’re going to stay why don’t you take a seat also?” He says as he continues to draw the diagram on the board.

“Who are you?” Gabriel asks the silver haired man. Sebastien sets down the chalk and turns around again to see Damon perched on the front of his desk on the front row.

“Take a seat before I make you.” Sebastien threatens. Damon raises his hands and quickly sits in the chair.

“Don’t have to ask me twice. You know you are exactly as scary as they said you would be. Do you go without sleep often?” He asks. Sebastien growls at the boy and then takes a deep breath.

“You sleep?” Gabriel asks. Sebastien nods.

“Yeah but that doesn’t matter right now. We are learning about the enemy.” He says as he points toward the diagram of the circles on the board. The looks of confusion are shared again.

“The enemy?” Petra asks. Sebastien gasps and then shakes his head.

“That’s not what I meant but it is true that they will be our enemies one day. We will be sure to kill every last one of them and I will be the one to claim Satan’s head if it is the last thing I do.” He grumbles as he clenches his fists.

“Wow. Talk about delusions of grandeur. How do you expect to claim his head if you can’t even keep your head straight?” Damon asks. Sebastien glares at him and walks around the teacher’s desk to in front of the desk he is sitting in.

“What would scum like you know? You are nothing but a messenger, if I wanted to I could easily turn you to dust right here but I signed that treaty because we need time to prepare ourselves. You will stay quiet for the rest of this meeting or you can go ahead and excuse yourself.” He says. Damon’s eyes widen for a moment before he smirks and stands.

“Fine. Just remember that you started it, sir.” He uses the title again and Sebastien’s fists clench as he watches the demon leave the room. He turns back to the other three who are all staring at him with wide eyes.

“What the hell was that?!” Gabriel asks. Sebastien takes a deep breath and walks back around the desk.

“That was Damon. If you really couldn’t tell what he was then I have an even bigger problem than I thought.” He picks the chalk back up and writes out the word ‘Daemon’. Three gasps of surprise from behind him cause him to smack his head into the board in frustration. “Have none of you even seen one before? Aren’t any of you battle tested?” He asks. The three of them shake their heads.

“No. I was a messenger only until Father sent me here to assist you.” Gabriel replies. Sebastien nods and looks at the other two.

“We were only created like a century ago.” Jasper says.

“Fantastic. This is just great.” Sebastien says as he turns away from them.

‘Just calm down, I’m sure that they will understand what you try to teach them. Plus if they are that new maybe their minds will be more open.’ Katherine tries to comfort him but Sebastien shakes his head.

“No. Usually if they are this new their factory settings are still in place and they have no thought that is truly their own yet. We are preprogrammed with certain information and I’m sure they put some information about demons but probably not all completely accurate.” He explains. Katherine sighs.

‘Well that’s troublesome. Also, did you see the demon’s true face?’ She asks. He stops and thinks about all of the times he has seen the boy and realizes that he hadn’t seen any true face.

“Royal?” He asks. Katherine heaves a sigh.

‘Well, this just got even less fun. We may not have as much time as you thought.’ She says. He nods his head and turns back around.

“We need to start training right away. I will get you used to the feeling of a demon’s power first. Then I will have you actually fight one. Meet me at the graveyard on the edge of campus tonight at 8:30.” He tells them. The three nod and stand up. “I’ll teach you about Hell some other day.” He finishes. The three take their leave and Sebastien leans against the desk as Katherine and Kathryn step out in front of him.

“This is insane. How are we supposed to get them ready for this when we don’t even know when He will send the first girl into the school?” Katherine yells. Sebastien nods.

“I know. I just need to sleep right now and then I will be refreshed for a long time of training tonight. I hate being mostly human, I hate needing sleep.” He grumbles as they phase back into each other again and Sebastien transports himself back to the room. He collapses on the bed and instantly falls asleep.


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