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Interview With An Angel: Heaven, Question 1

Today has been mostly normal with making cakes and cookies and doing all of my school work but today is also different because I am now one year older. I am now 20 years old and I don’t know why but that’s weird to write and say. I didn’t really have a post to make so I just wanted to put this at the top of the first real chapter of Interview With An Angel.

This story gives a cynical view of Heaven from an angel who was hated by his brothers for something that he couldn’t control. I am sorry if you have a problem with the view that I give of Heaven but do keep in mind that this is not being looked at from the perspective of a human so maybe it’s different for them in Heaven than it is for the angels.


Question 1: What Was It Like In Heaven?

“Okay, the first question that I know everyone will probably be wondering is, what is heaven like?” He asks.

“Eh. It’s nice.” I answer. He rolls his eyes at me. “Well, I need to know more about what you want to know about Heaven. And there are some things that I won’t be able to tell you.” I tell him. He nods and looks thoughtful for a moment.

“What is it like for humans in Heaven?” He asks. I smile and shake my head.

“I don’t know. We aren’t allowed to interact with any of them. We live on a separate plane of Heaven separated from them.” I explain. He nods again and takes down the notes before asking his next question.

“Well, what was it like for you?” He asks.

“Busy. Very busy. There was always something for us to do. There never seemed to be enough angels to do all of the jobs that we had. Somehow we made it work though.” I reply. He looks annoyed that I’m not giving him any more information.

“Does Heaven look the way that it is always described? You know like the big gates and lots of fluffy white clouds?” He asks. I stare at him for a moment before bursting out laughing.

“Fluffy white clouds? We don’t live in the sky. Heaven is just another dimension like two levels above Earth. So basically it looks the exact same except everything is mostly perfect in Heaven,” I reply. He gives me a questioning look, “What? You expected us to have all of our shit together?” He nods slowly.

“Uh, yeah. Kind of. I mean you are perfect creatures that God himself created.” He says. I scoff and shake my head.

“Perfect, right. Just like the humans were created to be perfect? God didn’t create any of us to be perfect, he created us knowing that at some point even the highest ranking angel would make a mistake, as long as we don’t lose our faith and we do what we need to do we won’t fall.” I explain. He nods looking a little bit excited that I’m starting to tell more.

“I’ll ask about falling and that stuff later but I am curious, why is Heaven two levels above Earth? And does that mean that Hell is two levels below Earth?” I nod thinking about how to answer the questions.

“Actually, Hell is three levels below Earth and if you’re wondering Hell does not look the same as Earth, it used to though. I’ll tell you about that later though. The reason there is a layer between Heaven and Earth is because there is a limbo, basically where the dead wait to be judged. And the reason there is an extra layer between Hell and Earth is because of purgatory.” I explain. He quickly scribbles down my responses.

“Is that where spirits come from? You know like ghosts and stuff?” He asks.

“Yeah. Although usually those people that turn into spirits are just holding on too tight to something in the human world. And there’s such a thin wall between Limbo and Earth that they are able to easily slip through and go back and forth.” I explain. He nods again.

“That’s really interesting. Is it that easy for angels to travel around?” He questions.

“No. We actually can’t travel to Earth unless we are given a specific mission. The only time an angel is allowed to travel to the human world outside of a mission is if they are newly created and need to experience what the human world is like. If that’s the case the newer angels are sent with an older angel to ensure safety. It is very easy for a newer angel to get corrupted by the ways of humans because they haven’t yet learned everything they need to know about being an angel.” I explain. He writes for a few minutes before leaning back in his chair, looking at me thoughtfully.

“When were you a new angel?” He asks. I let out a startled sort of laugh at the question and shake my head.

“I’m sure you don’t really want to know that.” I dodge the question but he gives me a pleading look. I clench my jaw. “Fine. I was around before God decided to create humans. I was actually one of the higher ranking angels but things happened and I was lost or more like they forgot about me, well all of them except God. He is always there to give me new orders.” I tell him. His eyes widen as he looks at me up and down. “What? Not the answer you were expecting?” I ask. He smiles and nods his head.


This has not yet been completely edited but please let me know what you think.




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