Q and A

My earliest childhood memory
I remember going to the South Carolina state Fair. I am not a “ride” person. I don’t like fast, I don’t like drops, I don’t like going upside down and I don’t like to spin!!! My father puts me on this ride called The Gravitron, he said its cool you will like it! It just spins a little bit and the floor disappears. So the ride starts and within 5 seconds I feel like I have been pushed against the wall. People are climbing upside down. The ride was spinning so fast that the gravity pushes you against the wall. I grabbed on to the neighbor next to me and started yelling, Dad I hate this! I hate this!!” I felt so sick after.

First Celebrity crush

My First celebrity crush was honestly the entire backstreet boys band ! Hey, I was 6 no judging.

What Do I Fear

  1.   I am afraid of roller coasters. I have no specific reason I just don’t want anything to do with them. They are high, fast and not my cup of tea!
  2. Escalators( I have been working on this one) when I was 15 I went to Vegas. I went upstairs to get a pair of heels for that nights dinner party. As I was getting on the down escalator I tripped. I felt myself falling that escalator was steep and it was at least 5 stories down. A man behind me grabbed the back of my shirt at the right time. He saved me. I have never been the same with escalators since.
  3. Falling off a bridge while still in my car. Every time I go over a bridge it just gives me the creeps. I imagine the car filling up with water and unable to get out.


Hardest Thing To Forgive
I didn’t have a great upbringing. My parents chose Substance over their children. We were always moving. I basically raised myself. 20 years later I learned how hard forgiving can be. Forgiveness was something I held on to as if it was a trophy. I learned something though. Being unforgiving doesn’t affect that person, it affects you. I have forgiven them and have even tried building a relationship with them, but I will never forget.


Favorite Books
I have a lot of favorites but if I had to choose two series that I like the most it would be Maximum Ride and The Halo Series. The books in these series have inspired me to write a lot of the novels that I am working on right now.

In high school I loved all of Sarah Dessen and Jodi Picoult books. I liked the trilogy called The Selection and all of the Divergent books.


Concerts that I have attended

I have attended kiss, Brittney Spears, Backstreet boys, Automatic love letter, We the Kings, Hey Monday, Skye Sweetnam, Sugar Ray, Smash Mouth, Uncle Cracker and Winter Jam!







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