20 Facts About Me~Anchorfly

20 Facts about Me
I have a dog
I have lived in a house with 6-8 girls for 3 years
I have been on 2 cruises
One was to Jamaica
I can’t watch men cry, it makes me want to cry
I have a Netflix addiction
My favorite food is just a simple bowl of cereal
I am sensitive to gluten foods and products
I own my own business called Younique
I am sensitive
I try to please everyone
I have 5 tattoos
All of them are butterflies
I like to juice and make smoothies with fruits and veggies
I hate the feeling of chalk
I love it when people play with my hair
I have lived in 15 different homes in the last 25 years
I loved going to daycare when I was younger, I paid to go when I was 14 because I liked taking care of the kids
I like to feel important
I like hugs and to know that someone is proud of me


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