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20 Facts About Me

Jolie and I have decided to take some questions from some of the blogging challenges on Pinterest and the first question is to list 20 facts about ourselves. Jolie will be posting her’s later but for now these are mine.

20 Facts About Me

  1. I have two dogs 11973364_10207592685281442_1889279232_o    
  2. I am a junior in college
  3. I have been rock climbing on a cruise ship, twice   1891186_10203517826492519_881036104_n
  4. I have been to Guatemala and built a shed on the roof of a hospital400689_10201182756557230_1412686127_n
  5. I memorize every song the first time I hear it
  6. I am a writer and I have about 16 works in progress
  7. I used to own a bearded dragon named Gizelle  IMG_0862
  8. I have a very short temper sometimes but I also have extreme patience other times
  9. I laugh when I’m in pain
  10. I laugh when I get scared
  11. I laugh at other people when they get hurt
  12. I like to knit although I really suck at it, I mostly arm knit infinity scarves  12458907_10208404840224808_322901228_o12464935_10208405118071754_1033714468_o
  13. I don’t watch TV but I am always watching either YouTube or Netflix
  14. I always have at least five songs stuck in my head at the same time and usually if I start singing them out loud it ends up being a mashup of all of the songs that are stuck in my head at that moment
  15. When I get an idea for writing I hardly give it any time to sit before I’m trying to write out the first chapter, I always have to start writing something new to get inspiration for older stories
  16. I like to sit and play the piano and sometimes without watching any videos or learning a song I can figure out the melody to a song that is stuck in my head
  17. I used to be able to read music because I was in band and played flute but now I can’t, I don’t read music to sing in the choir at church or to play the piano, I just do it by ear 328360_2409927533810_1047906174_o
  18. I sing tenor and bass in the choir because my voice is really low, the only time I can sing high is if I am singing with a recording but even then my voice can last in alto range for only about five minutes before breaking (the first picture is of the whole choir during our first tour, the second one is of me, Chelle and Emmaline singing a three part harmony of Frozen with me singing the lowest most monotone part)
  19. When I get excited about something I like to punch people because that’s the only way I know to show how I’m feeling at the moment
  20. I like to share a lot about myself because I think I’m pretty interesting but I know that I’m really not as interesting as I think I am

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