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Roots of Confidence


Confidence vs. Arrogance

  • Arrogance is biased in my favor
    • Life wants me to succeed
    • So I will succeed because of who I am
  • Confidence says
    • Confidence understands that life is neutral
    • I will succeed if I do the things that success requires
      • I will not succeed if I do not do the things that success requires
    • Confidence also understands that I am capable of doing the things success requires
      • Not necessarily with who I am
      • But because of who I can become and what I can discover



I have never been arrogant in my life, maybe about a few certain things that I knew were kind of in the bag and I didn’t have to work that hard for them but overall I have never been an arrogant person. I know that it requires a lot of work to be able to succeed at anything and that once you do succeed you can’t just sit back and stop all of the hard work because then you lose all of the progress that you made. My problem has been a lack of confidence in myself and the things that I do, I always wonder if there’s any point to continuing to do all of my work if it feels like I’m not going anywhere but then I get a new follower for my story or a new comment and I can feel a bit more confident but then it starts to dwindle as I keep writing and adding to the stories but don’t get any feedback as to how it’s going whether it’s getting better and once again I wonder why I even keep writing and trying to get better. I know that it’s all my problem with depression and pessimism but that is one of the things that I have been working on improving since I went off to college.


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