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Hello. My name is Jolie. I am kind of like Piper’s little sister even though I am older than her. Both of us adopted the love for writing and just decided to write a blog together. I started writing when I was in Middle School. It was how I could escape from my reality. I would get lost in my  writting to avoid the problems that were really happening at home. I stopped once I was in college, life got hectic and now I am slowly picking it back up.

I am now trying to get into graduate school for Occupational Therapy, but first I have to get through a few classes. 

I have a dog ,Isabelle, who is basically human. No really. She is spoiled rotten and she knows it! She has been with me through a lot of grief, hurt, trials but also many accomplishments and happy moments. 

I have a love life.  This is Garrett. He makes me laugh more than I ever use to and feel that I can do just about anything. He makes me happy. 

I love listening to music and watching Netflix. I own my own business called Younique in which I sell gluten free make up.  I have a gluten sensitivity that basically changed my life this past year!  I am just an ordinary girl trying to make it in this world just like all of you. 


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