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Hey guys, I forgot to schedule my Tuesday and Thursday posts for this week and I probably won’t be able to post tomorrow’s reflection because I’m working on getting settled in for the summer at home.

I just came home today, my dad drove down super early this morning and then we drove back after my last final. I got the 96 on my exploring success final and that makes me so happy that I didn’t completely ruin my chance at getting that A in the class.

I’m always excited to go home because I miss my family and I don’t always get to come and visit them since I am four hours away so it’s nice to have long breaks where I get to come home. Another thing that I miss are my dogs and the way they greet me when I walk in the door. Because they don’t see me a lot they get overly excited about setting me walk through the door and if course as they get used to me being in the house again it slowly dies down but it makes me happy to be greeted like that every time I come home for breaks.


This is my baby girl, Delaney. She didn’t like that I made her sit just to take her picture.


This is my little boy, Franklin. He was growling at me for not petting him.

One of the other things that I miss but also get tired of pretty quickly is how fast my family moves. We always have something to do on every day and that’s not necessarily a bad thing but sometimes it can get tiring. Right now my mom has a lot of business for cakes and cookies because of graduations and birthdays and I help her a lot when I come home. I like doing the work but it’s a lot of time.



These are two of the orders that got finished tonight. One is a graduation order for a girl that is graduating from nursing school and the other is a Curious George birthday.

So that’s been the beginning of my summer break and I’ll be posting more cakes and cookies later on in the week as orders get finished and moved out.


2 thoughts on “Home

  1. At least she sat still long enough for that picture, heh. My partner’s (our) dog will sit on command, if we insist, but when he’s really excited about something he’ll only stay sitting for a second or two.

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