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Queen of Manipulation 2

This is a different version of the poem that shows the relationship between the sisters that I am writing about now but it’s more of a twist on what really happens.

They call her the queen of manipulation

But she’s only doing what she was taught

Play with the humans heart

Until you know he’s caught

People don’t like her much

And I can understand why

She uses her manipulation on everybody

Because she doesn’t understand

It’s not right

She listens to what daddy says and never breaks a rule

Opposite of her sister

Who ended up in jail

She always hated her sister

Though she never did understand why

Until she was told to manipulate her

And she found out that he lied

He said it would be easy

She would fall for anything coming from you

You’re her dear twin sister

What else would she do

So she went and tried what she does best

She ended up being killed by the best of the best

Her own sister did it in cold blood she thought

But she had no idea how wrong she was

Her sister loved her there was no doubt about that

But she was insane and there’s no cure for that

Her sister wants her to become human and stop being the queen

But being the daddy’s girl she can’t even win

So she continues to be the queen of manipulation


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