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This is just a little poem giving some background on the three characters that I write about the most.

She was just a girl

Lonely and afraid

Couldn’t see the world

Or hear what people would say

They called her a monster

But that’s just what they were told

By her monster of a father


Why do you reserve the right to judge

Maybe youre a monster too

Beneath your perfect facade

Be careful what you say

And who you say it to

Because one day those words

Might just come back to bite you


She would never listen

No matter how hard he tried

She would continue to break every rule

Until the day that she died

When he found out her resolve

He thought of a plan

He would plan an assasination

Get rid of her once and for all


He didn’t belong

In this world so dark

He had no knowledge

Of his mission

He went in blindly not knowing what to expect

Until he met two girls and they changed his whole perspective

He didn’t care about the humans anymore

He wanted to protect these girls

Who were fighting hard to stay alive

And stand up against the royals


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