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Optimism vs. Pessimism


Pessimism sees what is and assumes that this is the way it will always be.

  • Nobody says they are are being pessimistic. They say they are just being realistic.
  • The pessimist is the most unrealistic person on the planet.

Optimism sees reality before it arrives

  • Today we see a reality that was created by optimists
  • Optimism is the key to all success
  • Unfortunately, we live in a world where pessimists outnumber optimists


I’m not a person that likes to lie to myself by saying that I’m just being realistic, I know that I am a pessimist most of the time. I can find some things to be optimistic about but most of the time I like to stay with what’s comfortable for me and that is not looking past what my life is right now. This is not like a I can’t see any future or anything like that, just sometimes I get my hopes up that something good will happen in the future and I get optimistic for a brief second and then my brain switches back to not seeing anything past right now.


3 thoughts on “Optimism vs. Pessimism

  1. Guess we all need a bit of both to actually be a realist.
    I hate to be disappointed so I get on to the pessimist side of mine a lot of times, and go ‘oh well I didn’t except anything different’

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