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Well, I just took my first final and I got an 80 which isn’t bad but it doesn’t do well for keeping up my grade. I don’t actually have the grade back yet though so maybe my teacher will have a heart and give partial credit for the one question that I missed one part of. I’m really frustrated now because I got up really early this morning and finished memorizing all of the notes for this test and then I couldn’t remember the easiest part of the question. And I don’t understand how I could have gotten everything else in the list, even the last item but I can’t remember the thing in the middle. Anyway, I hope my teacher gives me partial credit so I can get a 95 and keep my A in the class because I need all of the As that I can get this semester.

My next final is in like two hours and I feel confident about it because it’s history and I like studying history. Plus the whole class is going into the final with 11 points so that helps to relax a bit but I need to get the full grade on this test in order to even think about pulling an A out. I have to get a 105 on the test and a 100 on my book review which is entirely possible but I just have to slow down and take my time while answering the questions.

I am so glad that after today I will be completely done with 6 of my classes. I have some online exams but I don’t have to sit in anymore classrooms except to take my last final next Tuesday.


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